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Mental Health Services

Improve your mental health

Dr. Dixit has many years of experience with treating children conservatively for Behavior problems. Several children who have been treated as kids continue their mental health care with him as adults as well.

Conservative Approach to psychoactive medication is the key to treating ADHD, Anxiety etc. Using safety of the medicine as a priority, children can benefit from the medication for their behavior without being overmedicated.

Our process for evaluation for Mental and Developmental Disorders starts with a comprehensive Behavior intake followed by collecting Data from the Teachers, Day care providers, parents and patients as well. Assimilation of the data to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan is devised with the patient and parental involvement as partners of care.

Get a personalized treatment plan that includes FDA-approved medication, evidence-based therapy, or both!

Parental Education and understanding are important aspect of management and treatment of Behavior disorders. Our office spends time in understanding the need, effects and side effects of psychoactive medicine.

We have experience in managing common Pediatric Mental Health Disorders